Wednesday Specials

Good Morning, good morning, a happy Wednesdy morning.

In response to your questions, we have amended this site so the full menu is now avaliable on the Menu Page. Your daily specials will be here.

Today’s Specials are:

Wednesday 6.29

Early Start
Huevos Rancheros with Warm Tortillas, Black Beans, Roasted Tomatillo Salsa and Queso Fresco – $6.00


Peruvian Marinated Sliced Steak Wrap with Cilantro-Lime Aioli and Cucumber Cherry Tomato Salad, Roasted Sweet Potatoes – $6.50


Roasted Turkey, Grilled Local Asparagus, Roasted Wild Mushroom, Wild Arugula, Balsamic Marinated Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Sweet Basil                                                                                                $5.75

Toss to Order

The Wedge Iceberg Lettuce, Black Pepper Crusted Chicken Breast, Tomato, Chopped Bacon, Hard-boiled Egg, Chives, and Bleu Cheese Dressing                                                                                          $6.75

Good Food for You

Grilled Wild Salmon with Olive Relish, Herbed Quinoa and Chopped Romaine – $7.00


Yellow Curry with Beef, Roasted Squash, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Sweet Basil and Fragrant Brown Rice – $ 7.00

$5 Bowls

Crispy Orange Chicken with Broccoli, Bell Peppers, Snow Peas, Green Onion and Sesame Brown Rice – $5.00


Chicken Tortilla/ Corn Potato Chowder – small $3.10 large $4.10

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2 Responses to Wednesday Specials

  1. cjc says:

    I would love to see long-term special menus still available as well personally.

  2. Madelyn says:

    Can you please post the special menu at least one day in advance? Thanks!

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