Catering Solutions by Epicurean

At Epicurean Group, we think of our catering expertise as the crowning jewel in our service portfolio to clients.  We’ve earned the reputation for excellence as it should be done: through hard work, love of food and an ability to stay flexible with a smile on the face…at all times.

We treat catering needs with the respect they deserve as a separate business service we provide, not just an after-thought to the Café. We understand that in any economy, department budgets may have constraints; we design menus and service to fit both the event and the budget.

We believe there are 3 principles to doing an outstanding catering job:

  • We always design fresh, new menu and service ideas, something your associates and guests have not seen at every other function.
  • We focus on the communication between our service and the catering client because if anything can go wrong, it’s usually in this area of catering. From the first order thru to the final invoice, we will be there ready to listen, discuss and respond…quickly.
  • Your Epicurean team will always be as flexible as we possibly can. We know life happens and things change; we’ll work our best to make the changes smooth, no ripples.

Please click here for our catering menu.

LBNL CaterTrax Flyer


2 Responses to Catering

  1. There are no sun-dried tomatoes as advertised. I mentioned this to staff at the LBL cafeteria multiple times. Please swap out the fresh tomates for sun-dried tomatoes, or at least stop the false advertising.

  2. Great philosophy, keep up the good work and designing the menu’s.

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