Commitment to Sustainability

At Epicurean Group, environmental responsibility is more than just a policy, it is one of our core values. We believe in sourcing and preparing food in an environmentally responsible manner.

What we return to the earth is as important as what we cultivate from it, Epicurean Group believes in a safe and environmentally responsible recycling program.  We will work closely to become an invaluable partner with Lawrence Berkeley while providing healthy and delicious food.


Epicurean is one of the leaders in food service sustainability in the Bay Area. We do not just write and talk about sustainability, we practice it:

  • Green Business Certification since 2009. Epicurean is the only local food service provider to be certified as a Bay Area Green Business. We do not need to initiate a one year plan; we are already certified as a Bay Area Green Business.
  • Green Town. Epicurean Group is on the board of Green Town Los Altos, using our relationship with vendors to create a Co-Op to allow businesses in Los Altos, Cupertino, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto , Marin and  beyond to purchase 100% compostable paper products at affordable prices. We also negotiated directly with waste management firms for the city of Los Altos’ currently waste services. We worked to develop a city-wide composting program with composting bins in residential homes right next to recycling and ever shrinking garbage bins.

Below is our sustainability pledge of sustainable practices we strictly follow in the Bay View Cafe.

At Epicurean, We Pledge to Uphold the Following Sustainable Practices

  • Food is purchased locally, organic when possible
  • Menus are developed according to the seasonal, natural foods available at that time
  • Chicken is purchased antibiotic-free
  • Tuna is purchased dolphin-free
  • Seafood is purchased according to the “Seafood Watch Guidelines”
  • Hamburger is made with FRESH Ground Angus beef – not  FROZEN meat
  • Fruits and vegetables are always purchased fresh and natural and whenever possible ORGANIC, not frozen
  • Stocks are made from SCRATCH – never out of a can
  • Milk is free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormone
  • MSG is never used in food preparation
  • All dressings are prepared from SCRATCH
  • Turkey and beef are roasted IN-HOUSE for deli meat
  • Only canola and olive oil are used for cooking
  • Mashed potatoes are prepared from REAL potatoes
  • Receiving of all FRESH products are checked for FRESHNESS, CERTIFIED ORGANIC, and WHOLESOMENESS
  • Local growers and artisan partners are chosen for their high quality standards, environmental responsibility and their locations– within 100 miles of our cafés.
  • Implementing GREEN PRACTICES…changing one environment at a time



3 Responses to Sustainability

  1. Sara says:

    I realize it’s hard for you to figure out the exact ingredients for your fresh specials more than a day (or two) ahead of time, but it would be really great if you could give a general idea of what your specials for the following week might be on the Thursday or Friday before. For instance, you might be planning the week before as to what your specials might be, like what day you might have a grilled chicken sandwich, a quesadilla or a wrap at the Grill, or if the Turkey will be the pannini all week, the wedge lettuce with chicken will be the toss to order salad all week, salmon, catfish or pork loin will be at the taste/plate, or spaghetti or chicken noodle will be the bowl… you get the idea. The details of the special can be given a day or two ahead of time as you learn them, but the general plan for the specials a week ahead would be very much appreciated for planning ahead purposes.
    Thanks very much!

  2. Yvette says:

    I enjoy many of your offerings and especially appreciate the focus on local, organic, and freshly prepared foods.

    I don’t know if you entertain requests, but if you do, would it be possible for the chefs to use less salt in the dishes with sauces (like yesterday’s Bowl and today’s Toss to Order item)? I think I would enjoy the dishes even more if there was less salt. Thank you.

  3. Sara says:

    I really appreciate the weekly menu emails now coming on the Friday before, although occasionally the items change, which is understandable.
    I’d like to make a request regarding the salad bar. Could you please offer items like kidney beans, corn, cauliflower, etc without herbs & spices added? My choices are very limited when you have so many items like that. I prefer my vegetables plain so I can add my own choice of dressing for the flavor(s) I want. For those folks who like herbs & spices you could offer those on the side (ie in shakers like the pizza spices). Thanks!

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